Designed with the first responder in mind, Adashi MDT gives you a quick way to view dispatch informaton, location and routing, PIP and drawings as you start responding to the incident without time consuming steps.


  • Tracks and displays the response unit’s current position to other connected computers.

  • Automatically routes the vehicle to the incident location on NAVTEQ or your ESRI street maps.

  • Automatically displays closest pre incident plans, building information and preplan drawings.**

  • Informs the dispatch center of responder’s status.**

  • Gets you there faster using multi-view maps with clear icons, local GIS overlays (hydrants, sewage/power lines, points of interest), precise navigation and routing

  • Provides guidance information with predefined or local SOG's
  • Integrates easily with CAD and 911 Systems for faster, coordinated response using direct interfaces, emails or text messages

  • Quick Search Capability if no CAD interface is available.


In-Vehicle Navigation & Routing

A fully integrated stand-alone navigation solution including precise, reliable route generation, display, and turn-by-turn directions (text and voice). ADASHI can also accept routing information directly from your CAD and AVL systems. GPS tracking and Center-Me map explicitly show your location, keeping you in contact and control. More details >>

map with turn by turn routing
split map with routing and pictometry
Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

In GPS-equipped vehicles, ADASHI Dispatch will transmit status information and real-time vehicle tracking with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) to ADASHI First Response and Command Post software. AVL also displays in the tactical map sketched by the Incident Commander in Command Post. Routing in Dispatch utilizes AVL tracking to display the vehicle location on built-in Premium NAVTEQ mapsets for US, Canada and Mexico for  accuracy, speed and reliability.    More details >>

map with routing information
Multiple Map View

Touchscreen multi-view mobile GIS give you real-time in-vehicle solutions, with or without internet connectivity, displaying combinations of map layers and related draw settings. Vehicle-centered map, and point-to-point map, or any perspective you choose, can be on-screen side-by-side, along with turn-by-turn directions. Touchscreen controls allow you to adjust scale, perspective, and compass direction, copy and paste map properties and zoom levels and set map bookmarks for frequent use. The display combines built-in, up-to-date street maps with locally available ESRI GIS information.

Street maps plus – Comes with the latest NAVTEQ street maps which include information on hospitals, schools, stadiums, businesses, and other points of interest. NAVTEQ is the world’s leading provider of premium digital maps.

ADASHI Dispatch summary
 Summary Page

A detailed summary page gives you critical information fast.
Address/Coordinates, Incident Notes and Contact Information. 

Team communication
Team Communication

ADASHI provides secure vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-CAD communication. Identity-enabled real-time email and text messaging improve collaborative response between vehicles, dispatch, and large multi-entity response groups. Incident data is distributed to other ADASHI systems that share the same digital network. ADASHI’s unique Electronic Huddle Diagramming features incident synchronization to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Search and View Local Data and GIS Layers

Displays local GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers critical to your field operations such as the locations of fire hydrants, sewage/utility/power lines, points of interest (schools, hospitals, transportation hubs, municipal buildings), vulnerable sites, overhead imagery and more.

Quickly search and identify items, locations, and geographic features including local information you’ve added, within a region, or nearest to a particular location. You can, for example, search for schools, businesses, hydrants, rivers or airports.

Search and view local data

The intuitive user interface features touch-controlled access to maps, routes, and information.

Status updates
Status Updates

Available with 2-way CAD integration. Check in “On Scene”, “En Route”, give the “All Clear", or customize statuses to match your organization, all at the touch of a button.

Incident Data Sharing and Actions Log

Transmits incident location information to ADASHI Command Post software which automatically records and time-stamps all ADASHI operator actions for after action review and courtroom documentation.

Incident data sharing
CAD Integration

Upon CAD 911 issuing a dispatch, ADASHI instantaneously provides a detailed summary page to give you the most crucial information fast, such as Address/Coordinates, Incident Notes, and Contact Information. Several levels of integration are available including manual entry of incident location and status. ADASHI is compatible and integrates easily with most CAD systems, linking up and auto-sharing information to speed up the pace and reduce paperwork.

CAD integration