ADASHI Products Overview

ADASHI is a comprehensive software platform for notification, responding to, managing, and reporting critical incidents. It combines proven incident response and incident command capabilities in a networked emergency management system for coordinated use across all agencies, departments, and staff levels. Rapidly scale from broad operational view to incident-level detail. Decision Support Tools and critical data are provided instantaneously, based on the unique incident details provided by CAD and your response teams.

ADASHI automatically delivers routing, preplans and guidance as well as alerts from sensor and detector integrations. No switching between programs. No fumbling through paper. It’s all there before you ask for it. And a touchscreen interface makes it easy.  With interfaces to Google Maps, Bing and Pictometry you can access multiple views of the incident location before you arrive.

All ADASHI products work together seamlessly as complementary solutions for different members of your first response team. All come right out of the box with state-of-the-art NAVTEQ street maps for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Ideally suited for laptops, toughbooks/tablets and mobile data computers (MDCs).

We provide Coordinated Intelligence.


 Adashi Command Screen:

Toughbook running incident command software


Designed for responders who primarily require GPS navigation, routing, communication, along with the most complete and advanced geographic information available. ADASHI MDT tracks and displays the response unit’s current position, creates an optimal route on both your local maps and state-of-the-art NAVTEQ street maps for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and provides audible turn-by-turn directions to get you there. ADASHI MDT natively displays locally-produced ESRI-compatible GIS products -- no importing required. The program shows facilities and critical points of interest including hospitals, churches, schools, stadiums, transportation hubs, and municipal buildings. Hydrant locations, utility lines, water mains, and all of your local data can be visualized at-will.


Includes all features of Adashi MDT plus:

A complete all-hazards incident solution for first responders. It provides the information and tools your team needs to respond faster and better to emergencies – and ultimately save lives. Key features include auto-retrieval of incident preplans, detailed incident guidance, hazard modeling, real-time weather integration, checklists, and complete NIMS smart-form support.


Delivers a robust incident and resource management system to meet the needs of emergency commanders and managers, no matter how complex the situation. The software can be run in an Emergency Operations Center or Mobile Command Post, and includes additional capabilities of mission-critical tracking, management, communication, logging, and reporting. ADASHI streamlines your Incident Command System making everyday incident response more effective, safer, and NIMS compliant.


NextGen intel gives you situational awareness


Sensors/Detectors Integration, Aerial Dispersion Models (auto-generated from ALOHA/CAMEO), Preplans, Guidance and much more.

Intuitive Incident Command Software


ADASHI’s intuitive user interface delivers innovative advances: Assign resources with a swipe of a finger using drag-and-drop positioning, Electronic Huddle Diagramming (map annotation tools), Dynamic Org Chart and Smart Forms.

Easy to integrate first response with computer aided dispatch


ADASHI systems integrates with your Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and 911 systems for two-way communications and status checks. Easily integrate any data desired: Pictometry, local GIS, Sensor/Detectors, Accountability and more.

Common Features

ADASHI software includes many features to get you to scene faster with the critical information needed in the field.  

Features include:
  • Mobile AVL -- See every member of the team
  • Routing & Navigation -- Get accurate directions and geolocation
  • Local GIS – Quickly identify or search for nearby points of interest, hydrants, sewage/power lines, etc.
  • PrePlans -- Site and floor plans, area photos, chemicals and hazard inventory/locale, storage tanks and much more auto-delivered based on dispatch
  • Step-by-Step Guidance -- Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), first aid checklists, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and your own customized routines
  • Aerial Plume Dispersion Modeling – The only software in the world to generate ALOHA/CAMEO plume dispersion modeling automatically
  • Electronic Huddle Diagramming
  • Resource Management -- Assign resources with a swipe of the finger. Drag-and-drop positioning lets you move vehicles and personnel to strategic locations
  • NIMS-compliant Reports (IAP’s, 201’s etc) -- Automatically generated based on actions which are logged and time-stamped by the system
  • Hazard Identification Tools
  • Pictometry and Spatial Analysis
  • Reverse 911
  • Map Annotations
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  • Easy Computer Aided Dispatch Integration